Welcome to Psyche Pow! A community for mental health superheroes

Psyche Pow! has been curated by Dr. Imogen Aceso and Benjamin R Sewell to inform, inspire and improve the lives of people that suffer from mental health illnesses.

We aspire to add new thinking to the mental health debate amongst patients, medical professionals, academics and mental health practitioners by bringing a comprehensive view of available mental health treatments and considerations; from medication to meditation, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and interpersonal relationships.

Dr Imogen Aceso MBBS MSC is a licensed doctor and trainee General Practitioner and Orthomolecular Medicine evangelist. She was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and anxiety disorder in 2010. Through her medical background and mental health experiences, she has a wealth of knowledge and insight into mental illnesses clinically and from a personal perspective. In 2016 she graduated from Kings Institute of Psychiatry with a Masters in Neuroscience. After being on an array of medication and therapies to control her symptoms, Imogen discovered the benefits of Orthomolecular Medicine to optimise her mental and physical wellbeing. She hopes to educate others in taking ownership of their own mental health and achieving a new positive outlook on life.

Benjamin R Sewell was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder in 2013. At 39, he has experienced the rollercoaster of living with a complex set of mental health illnesses and believes that to live successfully with BD and BPD, one must take complete ownership and practice the art of remaining learnable through self awareness and self compassion. He has spent most of his career in public relations working for multinational technology companies in London and recently decided to take up researching and writing about mental health full time. Since Ben’s diagnosis, he has taken a keen interest in understanding manic depressive illness and continues to explore psychological and physiological techniques to sustain a good quality of life and hopes he can share some his experiences with our readers whilst challenging what he describes as a lackadaisical status quo.